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Dr. Alfred Neuhoff: Importance of Working with a Primary Care Physician

In world of medical specialties and subspecialties, the family doctor or general practitioner remains an integral part of every family’s health care team. While it has never been easier seeking care from a walk-in clinic or finding a specialist to treat your illnesses, working with a family doctor as your primary care physician like Dr. Alfred Neuhoff, a family practitioner at Aspirus Stevens Point Clinic, provides multiple benefits.

According to Dr. Neuhoff, “I feel strongly in the benefits of providing a medical home for patients so they can have a familiar face to see when sick to help them navigate the increasingly complex world of 21st century medicine.”

What does Dr. Neuhoff see as the benefits of working with a family care practitioner?

1. One physician knows your entire story. If you only seek treatment from specialists, then there is no centralized location where compiled records show your entire medical picture. Working with a family practitioner as your primary care provider allows for a centralized place to maintain records, and one doctor understands your entire health picture. This is especially important because you are not a series of parts, but an entire person. While specialists focus on your parts, your general or family practitioner can see you as a whole.

2. You build a relationship with a family doctor. If you have a “medical home” where you see the same physician and staff regularly, then you can build a relationship. Having such a relationship can increase your comfort and trust level, which is essential in any good doctor-patient relationship.

3. Preventive health care comes to the forefront. Through annual checkups, your family physician can help identify lifestyle issues that may be detrimental to your health. Family doctors are willing to work with you to make lifestyle changes that benefit your health.

4. You have someone you can call when you have questions. Since a family practitioner understands your whole picture, sometimes all a health concern may require is a quick call to the doctor’s office, where staff that knows your health needs can respond to your questions and concerns.